Psoriasis is a disease that attacks the skin, especially. It causes redness and itching, which causes the skin to turn red, peel and cause pain from the rescue wounds. In addition, psoriasis can also affect the joints, causing inflammation and pain. To calm the itch of psoriasis, you must prioritize natural treatments and understand that to improve it you must be constant and disciplined in the care that a person suffering from psoriasis must take.

How to relieve psoriasis

People with psoriasis must be very careful about the foods and products they use, to prevent it from spreading. Next, we will review some tips:

  • Avoid the consumption of junk food and/or fast food.
  • The consumption of red meat and dairy products should be minimal.
  • Alcohol and nicotine increase the intensity of itching and redness.
  • You should take advantage of sunny days but using proper protection.
  • Taking baths in seawater is a very good option to relieve itching.
  • It is not recommended to use shampoos and soaps with acidic and aggressive components for the skin.
  • Natural creams containing calendula and tea tree oil.

Soothe itching naturally

To calm the itch of psoriasis, Dermaccina products are the best option. Its 100% natural active ingredients fight psoriasis. Malaleuca leaf oil extracted from the same plant (which is native to Australia, New South Wales and New Zealand). Tea tree oil contains anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, which counteract any type of infection and inflammation that causes discomfort. Calendula used to relieve pain and itching. Dermaccina works with a variety of ingredients that ensure the relief and extermination of psoriasis.

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