Something about us

DERMACCINA® Products are developed by NAC USA CORP.

DERMACCINA® has developed a wide variety of lines to efficiently treat various skin problems. Products developed from Natural Ingredients including pure extracts, essential oils and the best that nature can offer.

Years of focus and experience have led to the formulation of Dermaccina® products. Each mixture of ingredients requires a unique balance, a rigorous production process and with the highest quality controls, we have managed to make the most of the degree of purity of each component, guaranteeing effective results.

Our mission with Dermaccina® cosmetic products is to provide a safe and healthy alternative for those people who need to treat the symptoms of chronic skin diseases, thus improving their quality of life, which is why the products are (hypoallergenic) and do not contain artificial colorings. which are suitable for any type of skin.

We have a wide variety of contact channels through which all our clients receive comprehensive advice about which DERMACCINA® product is ideal for their case. Resolve your concerns or place your order through any of our channels:


Toll-Free: 1-800-396-0149

WhatsApp Chat: +57 300 240 -3483