La Moringa, Un ingrediente de la sabiduría Popular presente en los remedios contra los virus

Moringa, an ingredient of Popular wisdom present in remedies against viruses

What is Moringa and how does it help fight viruses?

It is scientifically proven that moringa contains great nutritional value and helps fight viral diseases, since moringa is high in vitamin C, among others, polyphenols and chlorogenic acid, which strengthen your immune system.

Many claim that Moringa is a “miracle plant” to control numerous diseases such as viral diseases. Moringa is a plant that is grown in tropical regions of Latin America, Africa, Asia and even in southern Florida. Moringa has the scientific name "Moringa Oleifera" , and its most used part is the leaf, where the highest concentration of antioxidants is found.

Benefits and properties of Moringa

Moringa is widely used in all types of medicine, from scientific to alternative and naturopathic, since there has always been interest in its broad medicinal properties. It is stated that Moringa contains high values ​​of proteins and vitamins, which is why it is popularly used as a remedy to treat colds and viral diseases. In addition, it is recommended to take Moringa as a dietary supplement to raise the immune system and prevent episodes of infection.

Moringa helps increase respiratory capacity, one of the most common symptoms of respiratory viruses is difficulty breathing and dry cough. Moringa can relieve these symptoms and reduce the most acute episodes of these diseases. Moringa also has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, as it contains quercetin, isothiocyanates and chlorogenic acid, which help reduce inflammation and relieve symptoms of pain and pressure in the chest.

Where do you get Moringa?

At Dermaccina we offer capsules with a high concentrated content of moringa, so that you and your entire family can consume them easily and can protect themselves against viruses such as those that abound in the environment today. The most effective way to consume Moringa is in its natural state so that the benefits of its properties are not lost, which is why Dermaccina Moringa capsules are 100% natural and concentrated.

Anyone can take them daily as they have no side effects. With Moringa capsules, you will feel more energetic and with the peace of mind of knowing that you are taking a real supplement that will strengthen the immune system to prevent the spread of all types of viruses.

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You must keep in mind that to avoid the spread of respiratory viruses, it is not enough to have a strengthened immune system. First of all, you must take all the necessary and proven measures to protect yourself from the virus such as social distancing, constant hand washing, the use of face masks, among other biosafety protocols. Dermaccina Moringa strengthens your immune system and is an additional measure to protect you from environmental viruses, however it is not a cure against any type of virus or disease.

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